19 : Something you miss

College was fun. I didn't work, and I just did whatever I wanted (and went to school).

I dyed my hair cool colors.

Hung out.

Went to the Howl.

Learned to hate the snow.

Played tennis, racquetball, and other interesting games.

darts thrown from the couch. 
sometimes we'd close our eyes, spin in circles, then throw the darts.
we patched a lot of holes.

the gallon challenge. didn't end well.

Dyed Easter eggs that had swear words on them. I won't show you the picture of those.

Ate at the Junction to put junk in my trunk. (can also be categorized under "Dyed my hair cool colors.")

Learned to tie a tie and get Utah Hair.

Hung out on the LoveSac. A lot. And sometimes we'd fall asleep on it and wake up to go to class and decide to just skip it. 

Took bowling. Twice. From our favorite teacher, Professor Lofthouse.

Made a lot of money from my friend Tony (the one smothering me in the snow above) through bets.

Shot guns. While sporting cute hair.

And much, much more.


Jodi said...

I miss my Utah State days, too. Go Aggies! But I only helped dye my friends' hair. Boring.

Jen said...

Gotta love the Howl.

Looks like you lived it up as a college student. Atta girl!

Michelle said...

Did you ever play intramural tennis? I surely hope not but If that was you playing me I'm sorry for my b*&%$iness...haha.

And the toe licking...oh my laws! Wish you would've been my roommate! The college days were good times.

Chelsi Lasater said...

sigh. i miss utah state.

Anonymous said...

Must have been nice not having to work.