Newest Obsession

I came across a site called ana-white.com where she has plans so you can make your own furniture. This is the one I'm most excited about at the moment:

Looks pretty normal, right?

How about now?

She also mentioned the idea of putting a Lego mat on the bottom of the panel.

This idea will work perfectly with our current coffee table. I've been waiting for inspiration about what to do with it, and it has finally come. See why I needed some inspiration? 

When we got this table, it was just a brown coffee table, so I painted it black. Matt decided it would look better with some marble tile in the middle, so he cut out a rectangle from the top and put in the tile. Do I wish he asked if I thought it would look good? Yeah, but he didn't. When it broke, I obviously wasn't sad, but I didn't know what to do with it. Sometimes I thought we should just throw it away or donate it to the thrift store where we got it, but I could never make a decision, so it stayed. And now, it's destined to be brilliant! Hopefully.


Jordan said...

I love Ana White too! Quin recently made some toy box/book shelf things that I saw in a Land of Nod catalog for $300. When we started drawing up the plans we went to KnockOffWood first to get an idea of the measurements. She has the coolest stuff!

Pierce + Stacy Thiot said...


(Brinkerhoffs represent!)

Lindsey said...

I love her stuff! When I look at her website I want to build everything on it and she makes me feel like I can! We got Avrie's bed plans from her and it turned out great. I'm excited to see how your table turns out.

Katy said...

Maybe I'll make some furniture in 18 months. :)

Unknown said...

That looks so cool!! Neat website too. Take some pics when you're done. I want to see how it turns out.

Elise said...

love that site! we are actually building audrey a bed this weekend using one of her plans!

Fred said...

Seen this website?


Chelsi Lasater said...

oooh i'm excited!!