Veronica + Logan Forever

To the two of you who watched Veronica Mars on Netflix while you were sick, Logan or Piz? (I'm talking to you, Natalie and Missy. I think.) I would also like to be friends with Veronica. Or Kristen Bell. 


Natalie said...

I rooted for Logan all the way up until she met Piz (I liked Logan way better than Duncan, that's for sure). And then Logan's attitude was a little much for me, so I switched alliances at the end. I'm still bugged that they ended the show right in the middle of the season so there was no real "resolution." Really, really bugged.

And after re-reading this comment, I officially realize what a Veronica Mars dork I am. :)

Also, you did mean me, right? Because that would be really embarassing if you were referring to another Natalie VM fan...

Pierce + Stacy Thiot said...

Hahaha, I have a secret to tell.... I watched all episodes. When we first moved to San Fran, I was working from home and not going to lie... watched these while I worked. :) I have a crush on Logan for some reason - that bad boy, yummy. But Piz was a lot more cute a nice. But yes, I would be friends with her.

Really bugged they didn't finish it either and that it was only three seasons long. :) haha, NERD!

After watching this, I went to Netflix and looked up everything that Logan was in since... nothing too great. So then I watched 'When in Rome' -- don't ever watch that movie. ha.

Alex and Kerri said...

I started watching VM during the episode where Logan beat up JTT and then Veronica kissed him, so I've always been pro-Logan :-) In the end, I don't think their personalities match up well enough to ever truely be happy, so maybe Piz is a good choice, though I don't think the show lasted long enough to tell.

I have a confession...I've watched all three seasons three times. Should I be embarrassed?

Missy said...

I'm a Piz fan. Logan's a little crazy/intense for me. I'm going to have to go back and watch them all again though, since I was high on pain killers the first time I watched them. Maybe I would vote for Logan.

And yes, I want to be friends with Veronica.

Jordan said...

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