I ain't dead

I'm just in the great land of Texas fer a while. My mom and I have been trying to persuade Matt (and Jared) that Texas is better than Utah. Unfortunately, coming down here in August won't help the cause. So far we've done a lot:
  • Six Flags
  • downtown Fort Worth, which included dinner, seeing my brother's topless, blown up, and signed picture in a bar, and a piano bar
  • the Alamo and Riverwalk
  • Schlitterbaun (waterpark)

That last one means I have a new sunburn. But no picture as of now.

Not many Six Flags pics to choose from.

Remember to remember it.

Rainforest Cafe on the Riverwalk

Proof that we went to Schlitterbaun. Well, there's no proof I was there.

Coming home means that I visited Brandon, who now resides on a shelf at my parents' house. For the past 11ish months he's been in some box (not a shoebox or anything), but I think that soon he'll be upgrading to a stylish urn. It's my first time saying what's up since the funeral.

My mom wants me to mention that she is a really good driver and that I am proud of her for still driving on the freeways since she now qualifies for a senior ticket at Schlitterbaun. Really, maybe she shouldn't be on the freeways in her old age...


Anonymous said...

How rude! Using these famous words, "I'm an excellent driver." We're alive aren't we?

Katie said...

Thats funny b/c i am trying to convince Elliot that Texas is the place to be too. After a few years of annoying him about it he seems to be cracking.

Stephanie said...

Texas is a magical place.

Grandma Duffy said...

Glad you are having a nice "visit". We like having you for a "Utahn".

Grandma Duffy said...
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