Must look

It's funny how we do things just because someone tells us not to. (Shiz, I ended the sentence with a preposition. Speaking of shiz, did you see that video about Mormon cussing? If you're Mormon, you'll think it's funny and see yourself and/or your friends in it.) Here are some examples from my life:

Weird people: The Golden Compass (His Dark Materials) books are so evil!
Me: Must read them.

Website: Beware of graphic pictures (like in one of my favorite websites Find a Death or a thing I read on Snopes about people putting firecrackers in a dog's mouth and making it so he couldn't open it. It blew his whole mouth off, and he wandered for five days, unable to eat. The story was true. I cried a tear or two.)
Me: Must look to the side of the screen while looking in my peripheral vision to see basic image, then end up looking for real.

Facebook friends: I can't believe the news is showing the video of the luger practicing for the Olympics. (Remember that? Where he flipped out, hit a pole, and died?)
Me: Must find it online and watch it.

Facebook friends: I'm so offended by Nicki Manaj's Grammy performance!
Me: Must find it online and watch it.

I bought nine books for $32.22 the other day ($3.58/book!). That has nothing to do with this post, but I didn't know how to wrap it up, and I've been pretty excited about the deal. (That sentence reminds me of Kevin McCallister.) Also, $23 of that was just for shipping. Amigos, shop online at Half-Price Books. You're welcome. (For this helpful tip, feel free to send me money or a gift card to HPB.) Tomorrow, if my first batch of books arrive, I hope to start reading The Guernsey...Potato Peel...Society...something. Whatever it's called, I hear it's hella good.

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Pierce + Stacy Thiot said...

I'm the same way. And your train of thought(s) on this post is awesome. You just keep skipping from subject to subject. haha. So random. Love it. So, was A worth it? Haven't seen D, was it that bad? And yes, thank you for the HPB info... better than Amazon books? Because with Amazon I get no tax and free shipping.... so I think that's better for me? Let me know which of those books you like. Ok, I'm done.