Food addendum

I forgot a place to mention on my Texas food post. There's a place here called Freebirds. It does burritos. I didn't love it, but I'm willing to give it another shot sometime. Sorry for the blurry picture (as if most [if not all] of my pics aren't blurry). Maybe one day I'll use a camera that isn't also my phone. I don't think you can really appreciate the size of the Monster and Super Monster burritos. That Super was B.I.G., like Notorious.


Alex and Kerri said...

We decided we'd pay Kellen $100 if he could finish an entire monster in one sitting. I think it will just make him sick

Alex and Kerri said...

I mean super monster. The really ridiculously large one. And I don't much care for Freebirds either...I go next door the the deli when Kerri wants to eat there.

Erin said...

okay so i also had a hard time with freebirds when i first tried it (too many options? overwhelming?), but i found a go-to: the two taco meal deal (two tacos, chips/salsa, drink: $5.00). i get the steak tacos, pile them high with rice, beans, veggies, pico, guac, cheese, a squirt of lime juice and that corn salsa stuff. bueno.